Alto TEX Specifications

  • Official Novawall partner
  • 25mm Acoustic bio soluble fibre glass board
  • 0.04 – 0.75 NRC Acoustic rating
  • Faces can be custom printed stretched fabrics or textiles from industry leading suppliers
  • Custom in-house design and manufacture available on request
  • Site built product
  • Full installation service

Alto TEX

Novawall is a world-class fabric walling and ceiling system that provides acoustic properties on a large scale. Artworks install site-built track systems that accommodate the sound absorbent sheet. By stretching your chosen fabric over the face, the result is beautiful and high-performance acoustic walling that is both decorative and durable.

Highly versatile and truly bespoke product

Various profiles are available to accommodate different sound absorbers and edge finishes, subject to the project requirements. Whether Classic or Concealed, our fabric walling can be installed in almost any interior. Highly versatile and able to be printed with any image, this is a truly bespoke product.

Seamless graphics over an entire wall

Our in-house printing facility allows application of a seamless graphic over an entire wall. Large, empty surfaces can be quickly turned into stunning backdrops featuring local landscapes, company branding or inspirational photography. Partner products such as magnetic glass drywipe boards, pinnable surfaces and other workplace tools can even be incorporated to further increase functionality.


Want to request a sample for your project?

Artworks Solutions can provide you with a free sample of our Alto Solutions products. Contact us to discuss your ideas and we can create you a bespoke sample. 
Call 01179 666331 or contact us to begin consultation.

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