Alto FLOAT Specifications

  • Available in 12mm & 24mm thickness. Sheet size 2800mm x 1225mm
  • Available in 20 colours
  • Manufactured from 100% Polyester. 60% recycled polyester fibre & 40% virgin polyester fibre
  • Formaldehyde free
  • 12mm 0.45-0.90 NRC. 24mm 0.75-0.905 NRC Acoustic rating
  • ASTM E 84 – Class A. EN13501 – Class B Fire rated
  • Custom in-house design and manufacture available on request
  • Available as flat sheet or fabricated tray form
  • Available in kit form or assembled
  • Can be supplied with Alto Blade Bar fixing rail
  • Supplied with adjustable cable fixing kits
  • Full installation service or supply only


For high ceilings or exposed pipework, Alto FLOAT is the smart solution. Dropped, flat panels of our acoustic sheet offer a multi-faceted answer to the problems of the modern workplace. The echoes of hard materials and distant corners are a thing of the past, with sound absorbed and overhead reverberations reduced.

A versatile range and variations available

Endless variations are on offer with this versatile range. The shape can be matched to your wider design, with curved or straight edges, round or geometric shapes. Panels can be juxtaposed with ply or other materials for a mixed media effect. Texture can be added with machine-cut holes or patterns to add interest and even integrate company branding and logos.

Sounds stops dead

Different thicknesses can be selected to meet your needs. Sound that once bounced around a room instead stops dead, with suspended ceiling panels that utilise high-functioning design. Alto FLOAT is a bespoke way to enhance commercial interiors and make workplaces more enjoyable.

Want to request a sample for your project?

Artworks Solutions can provide you with a free sample of our Alto Solutions products. Contact us to discuss your ideas and we can create you a bespoke sample. 
Call 01179 666331 or contact us to begin consultation.

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