Innocent, Fruit Towers London


Develop, design, manufacture and install some ‘refreshing’ acoustic solutions to the Fruit Towers offices with a twist of WOW!


Innocent Drinks

After initial meetings with Wylde IA and the Innocents brand team, Artworks designed a fun, practical and considered scheme of acoustic products using our ALTO recycled polyester sheet. We combined both the ALTO and FSC-rated ply to create the suspended ceiling rafts.

Cut out pineapple shapes from acoustic material FSC rated
Acoustic rafts with Alto and birch ply

FSC rated material

Utilising the remaining sheet material meant nothing went to waste, maximising the aesthetic appeal but with minimal environment impact. The dividing screens featured fruit-shaped cut-outs synonymous with the Innocent brand and we also used a variety of ALTO range colours to tie in with the furniture fabrics.

Acoustic raft with birch ply struts

Fruit shaped cutouts

After samples were approved, we went into production. Respectful of the office working environment, our installation was phased across all floors out-of-hours, so we didn’t interrupt those all-important video calls whilst we drilled into the concrete ceiling!

This was always going to be a fun project and a productive meeting at Fruit Towers left us inspired and ready to get those creative juices flowing. We were very conscious of wanting to reflect the design ideas of both Wylde IA and the client, echoing their green ethos and delivering under budget.  Positive feedback confirmed that we achieved both goals. It even turned out that the fruit-shaped cut-out centres from the screens made a handy coaster when having a smoothie at your desk.

Dave Nowell
Artworks Director

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